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HCI that meets your needs

Cloud Compute

Experience the power of virtual machines that run on top of shared virtual CPUs, opening the door to endless possibilities for both your personal and professional needs.

Optimized Cloud Compute

Unleash the full potential of our virtual machines, powered by the latest generation of dedicated CPUs from Intel, ensuring optimal performance for all your computing needs.

CPU Optimized

The resource allocation of these virtual machines is optimized for computational tasks by providing a higher proportion of dedicated CPU power compared to RAM and NVMe SSD storage, ensuring lightning-fast processing data speeds for even the most demanding applications.

Storage Optimized

These virtual machines are high-performing, built with a robust CPU and abundant RAM. Their NVMe SSD technology offers plentiful lightning-fast storage, making them ideal for intensive workloads.

Kubernetes Engine

HyperApp Kubernetes Engine is a management platform for its Kubernetes services, keeping your apps running smoothly. It's like having an expert captain at the helm of your ship.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Access your desktop from anywhere, on any device, and at any time with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Say goodbye to hardware constraints and hello to centralized management and control. Transform the way you work with VDI.